Our Awareness Campaign Hitting Headlines

We are so delighted to see that our Melanoma Awareness Month 2024 campaign has been picked up by leading news, radio outlets and podcasts. Our most recent survey results about the dangers of sun bed use and the impacts of burning in childhood have been shared far and wide. Don’t worry if you missed any of it- here is a round-up.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful patients who kindly agreed to share their story with the media to help us increase awareness this Melanoma Awareness Month.

Don’t worry if you missed any of it- here is a round-up of some of the top stories.

BBC News: Teenage skin cancer survivor warns of sunbed risks

Daily Mail: More than a quarter of Brits still regularly use sunbeds despite long-known risks of skin cancer, new study reveals

The Independent: Concern as poll finds a quarter admit to using sunbeds

ITV News: Skin cancer experts concerned over ‘one of the hottest summers on record

Metro: Endangering your life for vanity? The Brits who can’t stop using sunbeds

The Standard: More than a third of Londoners using sunbeds as skin cancer cases rise, survey claims

Yahoo News: Mum, 25, diagnosed with skin cancer after using sunbeds before holidays

Belfast Live: Belfast mum, 24, diagnosed with skin cancer after using sunbeds before holidays

The Mirror: Woman suffered skin cancer in her 40s after ‘sleeping in sunny garden as a teen

Echo: People think skin cancer is for older people – but I was 19

The Hippocratic Post: 28% of UK adults are using sunbeds as skin cancer rates rise

Wales Online: I got cancer from using sunbeds and now I spend holidays in the shade

Norwich Evening News: Rachel Moore says we must wake up to sunbed risks

iNews: TikTok videos promoting sunbeds tell young people they boost mood and tackle acne

HarpersBazaar: #SkinSchool: Is TikTok’s ‘sunbed addiction’ the most dangerous trend on social media today?

Farmers Guide: Charity raises awareness about melanoma skin cancer among farming community

Cosmetic Design Europe: “Not a luxury”: Lookfantastic campaigns to cut VAT on sun care products 

British Beauty Council: British Beauty Council supports calls to classify suncare as an essential product

Here for the Craic Podcast- Emma Neill: the truth about a real tan: is there such thing as a ‘healthy glow’? 

What the Health Podcast- Gabby Allen: Episode 16- Clarissa Lenherr, Sam McCarthy, Susanna Daniels download