Please note: The Melanoma Helpline nurses cannot diagnose melanoma on the phone or via a photograph. For information about how to take a good photograph if requested to by your GP see our teledermatology page.

“No words can describe being given the right advice and help that puts your problems into context. All this and calming words means this Helpline is so important.”

“I have spoken to three different nurses at three different times on this Helpline and each time have been treated with the greatest care and respect, each person gave me something to help me get through this extremely traumatic time in my life and I am so grateful to each one of them…..  Thank you to all of you on the  Melanoma Helpline.”

“I didn’t know about the helpline and if I did I probably would have reached out sooner. Especially on the run up to having my mole removed as I was quite anxious at this time and would google research and this made me worse.”

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Welcome to the Melanoma Focus Helpline. This service is available to anyone in the UK who has a question about any aspect of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer.

Just call our confidential freephone number:

0808 801 0777

Our specialist Helpline Nurses are on duty to take your call during the hours set out above.

At other times, please leave a message and they will contact you during their duty hours.

If you prefer to email us, access our contact form below. One of our professional nurses will get back to you as soon as possible, using your preferred method of contact – phone or email; it is always desirable to speak to you though.

Contact form

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Helpline nurses

The Helpline Nurses work in the UKs main melanoma hospitals and are qualified in skin cancer care. They are experienced in talking to patients with melanoma and are expert in providing information and support for patients and those who care for them. They would be pleased to assist anyone who has a question or concern about melanoma.

Please note:

  • We provide information, support and guidance about melanoma. This is not intended to be a substitute for professional care: you should consult your doctor if you have, or suspect you have, a health problem.
  • If you are contacting us on behalf of someone else, please make this clear. It is best if you can put us in direct touch with the person concerned.
  • We aim to get back to you as soon as possible, but this may take up to 3 working days if over a bank holiday.
  • This is a service for people resident in the UK with questions or concerns about melanoma; we are not able to deal with queries from people outside the UK or from students researching the disease.
  • Confidential freephone numbers do not appear on a callers phone records.

Further Information

We have created trusted information with the support of patients and an expert panel of dermatologists, surgeons, oncologists and clinical nurse specialists to help you and your loved ones understand melanoma, diagnosis, staging and treatments.  For more information see the Melanoma Stages and Treatment – Patient Guide.

Helpline Leaflets

If you would like to order some Helpline Leaflets for your patient packs or to display in a clinic or healthcare centre please email us.

Please follow this link for information about confidentiality, privacy and feedback & complaints.