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The Melanoma TrialFinder aims to help you understand clinical trials and to empower you with information to discuss with your medical team. You can search for trials based on your location, your type of melanoma or the stage of your melanoma.

The Melanoma TrialFinder is a unique tool to find melanoma clinical trials as it is kept up to date in real time. This makes it different to other trial searching tools on the internet, for example The information for each trial summary is confirmed directly with the people that the run the clinical trial (Sponsor) and the doctor in charge of the trial in the UK (Chief Investigator). The information is then written in easy-to-understand language to make it accessible to everybody.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are all clinical trials in the UK included on the Melanoma TrialFinder?

We regularly search many resources and try our best to include ALL trials that are currently available to melanoma patients in the UK. We include phase 2, 3, 4 interventional trials, observational trials and some pilot and feasibility studies (see ‘What is a Clinical Trial’ or the ‘Glossary for more information about types of trials). However, phase 1 trials are generally not included on the TrialFinder as they often involve small numbers of patients, and it is difficult for us to monitor if they are open or closed. Phase 1 trials are in the very early stages of testing and may be the first time a medicine is given to patients. For this reason, phase 1 trials are carried out at specialist centres called Early Phase Medicine Centres so patients can be monitored carefully. Please do ask your doctor for further information if you are interested in taking part in a phase 1 trial. See here for more information on Early Phase trials.

Can I take part in a trial that is not at my local hospital/cancer centre?

If you see a trial that is not being run at a hospital close to your home, you may still be able to take part. If you are willing to travel, you can discuss with your doctor who may also discuss this with the company that run the trial to see if travelling to a hospital far away from you is possible. It may be that the Sponsor will pay for your travel expenses.

If I meet all of the ‘eligibilty criteria’ on the trial summary, does that mean I can definitely take part in the trial?

Your general health and the type and stage of melanoma will need to be carefully reviewed to check if you are able to take part in a trial. Only the main requirements are listed; there may be others to consider. If you think that you have found a trial that may be suitable for you, please discuss this with your medical team. You can print each trial summary by clicking at the bottom of the page.

If you have any feedback, please do contact us:

If you have any questions (however big or small) about melanoma or your treatment choices contact our Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses by phoning our confidential Melanoma Helpline.

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