Mike & Clare’s River Wye Adventure

In January 2022, Mike was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. Major surgery followed in February and he started immunotherapy treatment in April. But by May Mike was reacting badly to the treatment which had to stop, and the cancer spread throughout his body, causing his body to start shutting down. In June Mike’s family were preparing for Mike to die by the end of the summer. Mike then began targeted therapy: one last attempt to keep the cancer at bay. His family then watched a very long, slow and amazing reversal of his symptoms.

Nearly 2 years on Mike is now living his new normal. His spine is ‘compromised’ from the damage from the tumours and he now has lifelong lymphoedema. He continues the same targeted treatment as he was the day he left hospital. It’s fantastic that Mike responded so well to this treatment.

Recently, Mike returned to his beloved kayak to complete an amazing challenge alongside his wife, Clare. They paddled 85 miles over 5 days down the River Wye to raise vital awareness and funds for Melanoma Focus. Incredibly, they raised over £8,000!

We are beyond grateful to Mike, Clare and everyone who donated! A HUGE well done and thank you Mike and Clare- your kindness and determination is truly inspirational.

If Mike’ story has inspired you and you fancy taking on your own personal challenge, please click here.