Luke’s epic 24 hour Challenge

On Saturday 10th June 2023, Luke completed an epic challenge of running for 24 hours in memory of his Dad, Adrian who passed away from Acral Lentiginous melanoma in February 2022. Not only did Luke complete this challenge he also came 2nd place at the event and raised over £5000 for Melanoma Focus. What an incredible achievement!

Read more about why Luke took on this outstanding challenge:

In June 2020 Luke’s Dad, Adrian spotted a brown mark on the bottom of his foot. He thought it was just a bit of engine oil that had got under his skin from a cut and that it would go away soon. A couple of months past and the mark was still there but now he thought it was a veruca. At the end of September, it hadn’t healed so he booked a GP appointment. It wasn’t until November that a biopsy was done, and the results came back in December that it was Acral Lentiginous melanoma. At this point a lump on Adrian’s groin and shin had also appeared.

Acral lentiginous melanomas are rare melanomas and can form on the palms, soles of the feet and around the nail.  They are the most common form of melanoma in people with darker skin, but they can occur in any skin colour.

In January 2021 Adrian had a scan to see if the cancer had spread anywhere else from his shin and groin – it hadn’t. So, in February he had surgery to remove as much of the cancer from his leg as possible. In April 2021 he started immunotherapy treatment, and the outlook was very positive. A few months later in August the lumps on his leg had gotten worse and it was deemed that the immunotherapy had not worked. Throughout that Autumn he was put onto BRAF inhibitors which improved things a lot.

Adrian’s condition worsened in November 2021 and he was referred to another hospital for a possible chemotherapy limb infusion. Unfortunately, the scan results showed the cancer had spread to his lungs. Over Christmas and New year he was at home receiving palliative care from the local hospice. He passed away, aged 57 in February 2022 with all his family surrounding him.

By completing his recent challenge Luke wants to help improve outcomes for patients so fewer people have to suffer. We are so grateful to Luke for raising vital awareness and funds in memory of his Dad.

If Luke’s epic fundraising challenge  has inspired you and you would like you would like to complete your own challenge (no matter how big or small!) click here.