Cutaneous Immunotherapy Toxicity Guidelines

Dr Andy Muinonen-Martin is chairing a cutaneous immunotherapy toxicity guidelines development group to provide a simple, practical guidance for oncology staff to safely and effectively manage the majority of skin toxicities from immunotherapies focusing on the first few weeks after presentation.

Draft guidelines have been developed by a group of national dermatologists with a keen interest in this area. We are now looking for a few like-minded oncologists and CNSs with an interest and expertise in this area, as well as patients to join the guidelines group to review the guidelines and support the creation of patient information.

The key aims of the guidelines are to:

  • To meet the needs of patients and their clinicians in the NHS
  • Ensure they include and are supported by the latest evidence in the management of skin toxicities
  • Ensure patient safety by highlighting red-flag symptoms
  • Provide practical advice on prescribing topical therapies
  • To maintain immunotherapy treatment where possible by optimising topical therapies and thereby reducing the need for oral corticosteroids and breaks in immunotherapy treatment
  • Provide clear advice on when to call the dermatology team for support and assessment

It is anticipated that there will be about 2 virtual meetings, the first being in October 2023.  Each meeting will be about 2-3 hours.

If you are interested, please contact by Fri 08 September 2023