Early Phase Centres


Early Phase Centres

The Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres (ECMC) Network includes 17 adult and 12 paediatric centres. Each ECMC has unique and world-leading expertise within early phase clinical research. Collaboration across this UK network allows them to be ahead in generating new cancer treatments.

The foundation of each ECMC is a partnership between the local NHS Trusts and the University, bringing together university-based health researchers with hospital-based clinical staff and researchers.

The ECMC Network aims to act as an efficient and effective network that will assist in the delivery of early-phase cancer studies between research partners to enable faster and more personalised patient benefit.

Through collaboration and teamwork within the community, the ECMC Network aims to bring together world-leading laboratory and patient-based clinical research to build a UK-wide network of clinicians and scientists.

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Adult ECMC Network

  • Barts
  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Cambridge
  • Cardiff
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Leicester
  • London – Imperial College London
  • London – Institute of Cancer Research and The Royal Marsden
  • London – King’s Health Partners
  • London – University College London
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Oxford
  • Southampton

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