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Our TrialFinder aims to help you understand clinical trials and give you the confidence to ask your medical team further questions. You can search for trials based on your location, your type of melanoma or the stage of your melanoma.

If you have any questions (however big or small) about melanoma or your treatment choices contact our Skin Cancer Specialist Nurses by phoning our confidential Melanoma Helpline.

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Find a Trial

Our searchable TrialFinder can help you find a clinical trial in the UK that may be suitable for you to discuss with your medical team.

About Clinical Trials

Find out about melanoma clinical trials – what they are, how they work and how you can find out more.

Melanoma TrialFinder Glossary

View the complete glossary here for words and phrases related to melanoma clinical trials.


Trial News

News on particular trials.


See what the melanoma community are saying about their experience of clinical trials.

Melanoma Stages and Treatment – Patient Guide

Our updated guide helps you navigate diagnosis, staging and melanoma treatments alongside wellbeing information.