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Following on from a diagnosis of melanoma, it is normal to have a variety of questions, worries and concerns about practical elements of your life. This may include common questions surrounding finance, insurance, and talking to your family members. You are not alone.

    We have put together a concise list of resources to help you easily find information and advice about these topics.


Questions and worries regarding money, mortgages and benefits are very common for people affected by melanoma. We understand that finding the right advice and guidance about these topics may feel overwhelming and cause a whole range of emotions. We also understand that not everyone will feel ready to engage with this information following a diagnosis. Every circumstance is personal and only you will know when you feel ready. We have put together a simple list for you to turn to when you do feel ready. Don’t feel as though you have to read everything at once, take your time and break it down into accessible chunks if you need to.

In a recent Macmillan survey of more than 2,000 people with cancer, 16% said that recent increased costs have been an issue.1



We know that living with melanoma can bring additional costs into your life, for example the cost of travel to and from your hospital appointments. We want you to know that there is financial support out there. Macmillan provide small one-off payments for people with cancer who have a low income or low savings, you can find more about this and whether you are eligible via the link below.


Macmillan- Grants


We hear that the topic of life insurance can feel very daunting and confusing for many people affected by melanoma. Talking to insurance companies can be a scary prospect, however we have selected the resources below to help you prepare for this. These resources explain the questions that you may be asked, along with why they are asked. They also explain the different type of insurance and provide contact details for further support. You may want to print some of the pages that you find useful and have them to hand at the time you feel ready to approach this topic. We can’t recommend a particular insurance company as each person’s circumstances are individual and will require different levels of suitability.

bricks with different elements of life on

Travel Insurance:

We unfortunately know that getting travel insurance when you have or have had melanoma can be a struggle. We know that you will need to be extra careful when planning a trip and feel reassured that you have correct protection. The below resources are here to support you, they explain the type of questions you will need to answer, how to find travel insurance and useful travelling tips.

In a recent Macmillan survey of more than 2,000 people with cancer, travel insurance was highlighted as one of the top concerns of those with melanoma, with 22% of people with this type of cancer identifying it as an issue.

passport and plane

Talking to your children about your diagnosis:

There is no right or wrong way to speak to your children about a melanoma diagnosis. This may depend on the age of the child(ren) and their emotional wellbeing. Only you will know your child(ren) and how much information they may be able to absorb and understand. The below resources provide practical tips to help you navigate this, they also discuss the potential benefits of talking with you child(ren). Macmillan also have downable audiobooks and guides that share practical advice about that this topic.

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LGBTQ+ Community

A wholly inclusive approach is our guiding ethos. We are committed to creating inclusive patient information and ensure that our Melanoma Helpline and Melanoma Patient Conference is welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community.  We are pleased that people from the LGBTQ+ community have, through their own experience of melanoma, chosen to come to us for support knowing they can do so confidently.

The below resources are here to offer further relevant cancer care information for the LGBTQ+ community. Whether you are the patient, carer or healthcare professional the specific resources linked below are provided here to help.


OUTpatients is the UK’s only LGBTIQ+ cancer charity

OUTpatients – LGBTIQ+ Cancer Charity

Macmillan LGBTQ+ support information for those affected by cancer

Cancer Research UK LGBTQ+ support information for those affected by cancer

Our Melanoma Helpline:

Your clinical team will also be on hand to provide you with guidance and support regarding these topics. We want you to know that you can also call our Melanoma Helpline to talk things through with one of our specialist skin cancer nurses.


1.Five big issues people with cancer in the UK are concerned about right now Five big issues for people with cancer 2022 ( (Accessed 14/12/2022)