Updated Skin & Nail Check leaflet released

by Simon Rodwell | 25 October 2021 13:00

An updated version skin check leaflet, now called the Skin & Nail Check Leaflet has been released. The new leaflet includes additional guidance to help detect symptoms of rare melanomas, such as checking the nails for signs of acral lentiginous melanoma.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/news-updates/news/

Consultations and CNS Nurse Census now closed

by Simon Rodwell | 25 October 2021 12:28

Consultations for the uveal melanoma guideline update and informing a new draft consensus statement on imaging follow up have now closed. Please check back for updates.

Additionally, data from the Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse Census is now being reviewed. We look forward to sharing the results with you shortly.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/news-updates/news/

In conversation with: Chris Bryant MP

by Simon Rodwell | 11 August 2021 13:53

Christ Bryant MP, Patron of Melanoma Focus, joins Dr. Mark Harries, Chair of Trustees to discuss his experiences with Stage 3 Melanoma.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/in-conversation-with-chris-bryant-mp/

Focus on Melanoma Virtual Meeting 2021

by Simon Rodwell | 11 August 2021 13:52

We are delighted to announce that registration is now open for this year’s Focus on Melanoma Virtual Regional Meeting. The event is organised by Dr. Andrew Furness, The Royal Marsden Hospital

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/focus-on-melanoma-virtual-meeting-2021/

Melanoma Patient Conference 2021

by Simon Rodwell | 2 August 2021 08:47

Melanoma Focus are hosting the Melanoma Patient Conference 2021. We are delighted to facilitate this online event for the Melanoma Patient Conference and the melanoma patient community.

The conference will be held online and is free to attend.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/information-portal/melanoma-patient-conference-2021/

Melanoma patients invited to focus group

by Simon Rodwell | 30 October 2020 10:43

We are currently developing our Patient Decision Aid and would like to invite melanoma patients to take part in a focus group (online format) to help us improve this service.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/news-updates/news

Head & Neck Mucosal Melanoma Guideline accepted for publication

by Simon Rodwell | 2 September 2020 18:07

A paper based on this guideline is to be published by the European Journal of Cancer. This is the product of two years’ deliberations and research by a group of clinicians, nurses and patient representatives led by Professor Kevin Harrington and funded by Melanoma Focus. Follow the link for further details and the final documents.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/news-updates/news/#hnmm

AUG Mucosal Melanoma Guideline published in leading European journal

by Simon Rodwell | 1 September 2020 08:00

The Ano-uro-genital Mucosal Melanoma National Guideline has been published in the European Journal of Cancer. Follow the link to see more about this important guidance, which is intended to assist patients as well as healthcare professionals. The guideline was developed under Melanoma Focus auspices by a group chaired by the late Professor Martin Gore.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/activities/mucosal-guidelines/

Advice on Coronavirus for people with melanoma

by Simon Rodwell | 9 June 2020 14:29

Advice about COVID-19 for melanoma patients is now available in the form of FAQs, together with guidance on the pandemic in relation to cancer in general. See also a link to a video for cancer patients.

Source URL: https://melanomafocus.org/information-portal/coronavirus-info/

Researchers seek feedback from patients on the effects of Coronavirus

by Simon Rodwell | 1 May 2020 13:27

Queen’s University Belfast and University of Aberdeen are running an online international survey into the impact of the pandemic on patients with melanoma & pre-cancerous conditions and their carers. They hope to provide rapid feedback to clinicians and cancer & pre-cancer groups about patient and carer needs. Follow the link for more about the survey.

Source URL: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/IMPACCTsurvey#new_tab