Uveal Melanoma Guidelines- 2023 Surveillance Update

Melanoma Focus are delighted to launch the updated uveal melanoma guidelines which now includes information on post treatment and metastatic surveillance of uveal melanoma. This expands on the updated 2022 comprehensive guidelines following NICE accredited methodology, supporting both the medical community and importantly patients with uveal melanoma.

Uveal melanoma is a very rare form of melanoma, which is managed differently from other melanomas. Comprehensive guidance on this subject was developed in 2015 following NICE accredited methodology. This guideline was developed by a leading clinical and research specialist interdisciplinary group with patient input. While much of the guideline is still current, the 2022 guidelines updated the following sections:

  • molecular pathology and features
  • prognostic markers
  • loco-regional management of hepatic predominant disease
  • management of metastatic disease
  • adjuvant radiation therapy
  • support of patients

Surveillance was not included within this update. It was, however, recognised that the UK medical and patient community would benefit from further guidance on post treatment and metasattic surveillance of uveal melanoma and therefore an additional Guidelines Development Group chaired by Dr Matthew Wheater was set up to enhance the current guidance and pathway.

Dr Matthew Wheater chair of the Surveillance Guidelines Development Group said:

“I’m really pleased to see the guidelines finalised with the addition of post treatment and metastatic surveillance for uveal melanoma included. The Guideline Development Group have been excellent in comprehensively reviewing the evidence and producing guidelines which I hope will give confidence to patients and clinicians about optimal evidence based care.”


Click here to view the updated professional guidelines

Click here to view the updated patient Guidance