The MHRA approve Tebentafusp treatment in the UK

Melanoma Focus are pleased to hear that the MHRA have licensed Tebentafusp for use in the UK.

Tebentafusp is the first and only treatment approved in the UK to treat patients with unresectable or metastatic uveal melanoma who test positive for HLA-A*02:01. It is a new immunotherapy treatment with an action on the immune system that hasn’t been used before. It works as a bridge between the cancer cells and immune cells nearby. It also activates the immune cells so they can attack the cancer.

Paul Nathan, Trustee of Melanoma Focus and lead author on the New England Journal of Medicine paper that reported on the trial which led to the license of tebentafusp:

“Metastatic uveal melanoma is a rare, difficult to treat and poor prognosis cancer with limited treatment options. Our patients, their families and my colleagues have waited decades for an approved treatment option that has proven benefits. Today, that changes. I am delighted that the MHRA has licensed tebentafusp for use in the UK.”

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