Superdrug cuts price of own brand suncare by 20%

On Friday 26th May, Superdrug announced that it has reduced the price of it’s own brand suncare by 20% as it deems SPF as a healthcare essential. The reduction will be placed on 41 in suncare products their Solait range. This announcement follows on from our recent mission to have VAT removed from all high-factor sunscreens across the UK and our survey results which found that 67% of people would use sunscreen if it was cheaper.

Our CEO, Susanna Daniels welcomed Superdrug’s news:

“We’re delighted to hear that Superdrug plans to remove the 20% VAT cost for customers from their own brand sunscreen range. Skin cancer, particularly melanoma skin cancer, is an extremely serious and growing issue. It is now the 5th most common cancer in the UK killing around 2,300 people each year. 86% of melanomas are preventable and therefore, wearing a high SPF sunscreen is a hugely important safety measure for protecting against it. Anything we can do to make sunscreen more accessible and affordable will cut the overall incidence of skin cancer and could help save lives.”

This move by Superdrug is a great start to our mission, we hope that the government will resolve the VAT placed on sunscreen.