NHS Skin Cancer Team takes to the skies

The wonderful doctors and nurses forming part of the clinical team for the South Tees NHS Foundation Trust’s community skin cancer service, have recently taken on an epic skydiving group challenge and raised over £5,000!

Dr Perdy Kamali, a GP with Extended Role in Dermatology (GPwER), organised the skydive around last year as a team building activity and to raise vital funds.

The group were also very keen to raise awareness about melanoma, Dr Kamali said:

“Melanoma doesn’t seem to discriminate so we see patients of all ages with melanoma although it is rare in children.”

“It’s often a shock to patients. Sometimes they attend what they think is a harmless mole and you tell them that you think it’s a melanoma. It needs to be surgically removed and permanently scar them. It does often come as a huge shock to patients as I think the awareness of isn’t as high as other cancers.”


Dr Kamali was joined by dermatology experts:

  • Dr Tim Cunliffe, GPwER and joint skin cancer lead for South Tees NHS Foundation Trust,
  • Dr Tom Derry, GPwER,
  • Sheron Cuthbert, specialist nurse in dermatology,
  • Geraldine Bellerby, specialist nurse in dermatology,
  • Dr Daron Seukeran, consultant dermatologist,
  • Em Cuthbert and Erin Derry friends and family of the staff taking part.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to them all, not only for completing this astounding challenge and raising vital funds but also for the brilliant work that they do every day in serving people with melanoma.

Each and every one of you should feel extremely proud of this brave achievement, we are so grateful for your generous support and hope that you all had a very enjoyable day.

If this team’s amazing story has inspired you and you fancy taking to the skies for Melanoma Focus, click here to find out more.