New Personalised Cancer Treatment Trial

The world’s first personalised mRNA cancer jab for melanoma is being tested on British patients.

This ground-breaking new personalised cancer vaccine is being pioneered in high risk melanoma skin cancer patients. To find out more about the novel treatment also known as Individualised Neoantigen Therapy (INT) and about the trial, see the information in the Melanoma TrialFinder. 

Dr Heather Shaw, Consultant Medical Oncologist, University College Hospital and Mount Vernon Cancer Centre:

“This study represents a very exciting development for patients who have recently had high risk melanoma surgically removed and are suitable for adjuvant (risk reducing) treatment, which reduces the chance of the melanoma returning. This can be in the form of immunotherapy, which takes the brake off the immune system.  Oncologists have been looking for ways to personalise the response towards patients own cancer cells. The new treatment, mRNA-4157 (V940), which is made from a sample of the patient’s tumour and using mRNA technology, is tailored to show the immune system markers that cancer cells might carry so it can attack, when given alongside the immunotherapy. An earlier, smaller, clinical trial showed that the combination reduces the chance that the melanoma might recur, and this study is designed to test the findings of that study and perhaps move this into standard of care for patients in time.”

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