Melanoma Focus launches new series of information videos

Melanoma Focus launches new series of information videos

Melanoma Focus, together with the expertise of Dr Elaine Vickers have produced four brand new informative videos for melanoma patients and anyone affected by melanoma.
The videos have been created to function as source of support for you. They break down complex scientific information into bitesize digestible chunks in an informative manner.

“We hope that these videos serve as an important resource for you and your loved ones to use and come back to. They have been designed to be accessible, but please remember the Melanoma Helpline nurses are here to help you should you have further questions about any aspect of melanoma.”

Susanna Daniels, CEO Melanoma Focus

The topics covered include:

  • An Overview of Melanoma
  • Understanding Immunotherapy
  • Understanding Targeted Therapies
  • Understanding T-Vec (talimogene laherparepvec)

An Overview of Melanoma
First up in the series of videos is ‘An Overview of Melanoma’. Patients told us that they and those around them often felt overwhelmed after receiving a melanoma diagnosis. Many reported feeling confused and having a range of questions about why they had got melanoma, what might have caused it and what their treatment might entail.

This first video aims to give you comprehensive overview of melanoma, it will be there for you to refer whenever you need, or to share with your family and friends to assist them whilst trying to understand your diagnosis.

“When you’re first diagnosed, or dealing with a new piece of information about your treatment, it’s not only a lot to take in and process, but you have family and friends asking questions at a time when it might feel difficult to speak. These videos not only help you understand, but they can be sent to loved ones so they too can get their heads around the processes and what’s involved.”

James, Melanoma Patient

Watch the video here: