Melanoma Focus awards grants to 4 new research projects

We regularly invite applications from UK melanoma researchers. Thanks to your donations, we have funded investigators who work as melanoma clinicians, dermatologists, advanced non-medical practitioners, surgeons, scientists, pathologists and health economists.

Our Scientific Committee, led by Professor Samra Turajlic, evaluates the proposals and makes recommendations for the research awards. We have recently awarded grants to the four new projects listed below:

1. A practical and robust mechanistic biomarker of pseudo-progression on immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy


2. Immune-Tox: A prospective observational study of chronic and late adverse effects from immune checkpoint inhibitors in patients with melanoma 


3. LATe TreatmENT related Toxicity in Melanoma (LATENT) 


4. Identifying patient research priorities in melanoma: A UK qualitative study


To find out more details about each project, please click here.

Our next call for research proposals is planned for December 2023.