Explainer videos aim to demystify melanoma treatments

Depending on your melanoma diagnosis, there may be a range of different treatments available to you, and, at times you may feel overwhelmed by the information. Our videos aim to provide you with clear and accessible information about the different treatments you may be offered.

Understanding Immunotherapy:
This video discusses immunotherapy, a relatively new form of cancer treatment. It covers topics such as ‘what is the immune system?’, ‘why does the immune system not get rid of melanoma on its own?’, ‘what are the checkpoint inhibitors?’, ‘how do the check point inhibitors differ from one another?’, ‘why do they sometimes cause side effects? and ‘why do they sometimes not work?’ View our video:

Understanding Targeted Therapies:
Targeted therapies are used as one of ways to treat melanoma, targeted therapies are broken down into B-Raf inhibitors and MEK inhibitors. This video covers: ‘what are targeted cancer therapies?’, ‘How do targeted therapies work?’, ‘which targeted therapies are used?’, ‘why does this work?’, ‘why doesn’t everyone receive them?’, ‘do they work for everyone?’, ‘do they keep working forever?’ and ‘do they cause side effects?’ View the video:

Understanding T-VEC:
Talimogene Laherparepvec is a type of immunotherapy, T-Vec is a modified virus called HSV-1. It is injected into a patient’s tumours; it infects the cancer cells and destroys them. This is used on a specific group; people who have tumours on or beneath their skin, or in accessible lymph nodes. Due to the specific nature of this treatment this video breaks it down into different topics, including:
‘what is T-VEC?’, ‘How is it different from other cancer treatments?’, ‘How does it work against melanoma?’, ‘why doesn’t everyone with melanoma get treated with T-VEC?’ and ‘how much does it help?’ View our video: