Closure of the UK National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI)

In June 2023, the UK National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) announced its sudden closure after 22 years supporting and co-ordinating academic clinical cancer research across the UK – impacting all research groups, including the NCRI Skin Group. It is not immediately clear that another national organisation will pick up the mantle to design, develop and co-ordinate clinical cancer research in the UK.

Read the NCRI closure announcement here

The NCRI Skin Group had only recently published their Strategic Priorities, resulting from a delphi process and wide stakeholder engagement over a number of priority setting sessions – which many of the skin cancer research community attended and/or presented at.

Read the NCRI Skin Group Strategic Priorities here

Prof Rowan Pritchard-Jones (Chair, NCRI Skin Group) and Dr Brent O’Carrigan (Deputy Chair, NCRI Skin Group) were dismayed by the sudden decision and especially the short notice period provided.

They have been approached by many members of the skin cancer research community who are enthusiastic to continue supporting academic clinical skin cancer research.

As an interim measure they would like to convene stakeholders in UK academic skin cancer research (clinicians, researchers, scientists, patient advocates, funders and others) to come together and maintain cohesion in the community.

A proposed structure of this tentatively named UK Skin Cancer Clinical Trial Group would comprise:

  • Executive group
  • Working groups

– Melanoma – early stage (including neoadjuvant therapy)

– Melanoma – metastatic

– Non-melanoma skin cancer

The Melanoma Focus Trustees have agreed that we will provide administrative support to allow the work to continue – including on both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.