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  • Follow-Up of High Risk Cutaneous Melanoma: Position Paper

Follow-Up of High Risk Cutaneous Melanoma: Position Paper

This 14-page report presents the views of 49 of the UK’s leading melanoma clinicians. In their introduction the authors state:

‘There have been dramatic changes in the outcomes for patients with advanced melanoma in the past four years, with further improvements expected over the next few years. This position paper reports the consensus view of the majority of UK clinicians treating melanoma patients on how to follow up and investigate patients at a high risk of recurrence. It represents a significant departure from the BAD/MSG Guidelines published in 2010 and is intended as a framework to inform clinical teams treating patients with melanoma.

‘This is a dynamic field of medicine and we expect there to be debate over these recommendations. Comments are welcome and we will consider them when making future revisions.’


These recommendations are currently under review. An updated version will be posted here in 2021.

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