Taking Part in Clinical Trials: Video


A short information video about clinical trials has been made for the public, patients and carers. Covering trials for all types of cancer, Taking Part in Clinical Trials: how patients can make a difference. The aim is to inform and reassure patients who are considering whether or not to enter a clinical trial – and to encourage people to ask about the availability of a suitable study if they have not been invited to take part in one.

The film was commissioned by CRN: Eastern, in conjunction with the East of England Strategic Clinical Network, and scripted and presented by Simon Rodwell. Alan Stephens, also a patient representative from the Eastern region, was the producer.

Three key areas are covered:

  • what clinical trials are
  • what is involved for the people taking part in studies, and for their carers
  • how people can find out if there is a suitable trial in their region

There are interviews with cancer patients, who describe their experience of being involved in a trial, and explanations of topics such as staging and randomisation from clinicians and a nurse.

‘The knowledge gained in clinical trials will help people in future, allowing researchers to compare drugs and techniques involving a large number of people and see which treatment is the most effective for a given type of cancer’, the film explains. ‘The treatments for today’s patients and the benefits they bring are available largely thanks to other patients who were willing to take part in clinical studies in years gone by.’

A subtitled version is available for settings where sound cannot be used, such as clinic waiting rooms. For more information please contact Simon Rodwell (susanna@melanomafocus.com).



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