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About Us

Melanoma Focus is a national charity dedicated to providing a comprehensive and authoritative source of information for public and professionals alike, as well as supporting education and promoting research about melanoma.

This Cambridge-based national charity was formed by the amalgamation of the former Melanoma Study Group, an educational charity serving melanoma professionals, with the previous Melanoma Focus, a research-based charity. By bringing together their medical and scientific education activities, as well as their fundraising capabilities, we aim to promote the professional interests of clinicians, scientists and nurses while informing patients, their carers and the general public about this important and potentially devastating disease.

  • Registered Charity No.1124716
  • Registered at Companies House as Melanoma Focus, a Company Limited by Guarantee
  • Registered Company No.06057181 (England and Wales)


The charity is dedicated to the memory and achievements of Professor Sheila Bingham OBE (Mrs Sheila Rodwell), who died from melanoma in 2009


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