New report: Melanoma on the rise-The increasing need for investment in specialist nurses

This report builds on the 2021 Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse Census, providing insights from nurses and patients about the invaluable role of skin cancer nurse specialists, and current challenges within the profession.

Useful References:
NICE: Quality statement 5 for skin cancer nurse specialist

A first census of skin cancer specialist nurses across UK secondary care trusts

Rammanohar et al. BMC Nursing (2023) 22:216 

This national Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse (SCSN) census gathered information about the provision of SCSN posts across the UK, in order to investigate what level and type of support is being provided to patients diagnosed with and treated particularly for melanoma, according to NICE guidance, and assess any regional variations. This dataset would create a baseline for facilitating future skin cancer service development.

This first UK census confirmed that SCSN workload is increasing and in one third of hospital trusts, the work was reported to outstrip the staffing available to manage the volume of work.


Skin Cancer Specialist Nurse Census 2021

Conducted by Dr Pippa Corrie, Deeya Kotecha and Jashmitha Rammanohar

This census surveyed all secondary care trusts across the four nations, Melanoma Focus members and BASCSN members, requesting information regarding skin cancer specialist nurse posts. It shows that CNS availability and capacity is variable across the UK, with workload increasing in 82% of places, and workload already exceeding capacity in a third of places.