• Consultation – Uveal melanoma guideline update

Consultation – Uveal melanoma guideline update

This consultation has now closed. Please check back for updates.

This is an update of the guideline we published in 2015. Our intention, and that expected of us by NICE, is to update only those clinical areas where new evidence may have changed the 2015 recommendations.

We have not updated those areas where new evidence is lacking or would not be practice changing. There is therefore no need to comment on the 2015 sections, unless you believe we have missed key evidence which would render a 2015 recommendation in the Primary treatment or Surveillance section unsafe. If this is the case, please let us know and send us the references.

Draft Executive Summary

We are particularly interested in your views on the recommendations in this document.

If, for example, you think the evidence has been misinterpreted or if higher quality evidence has been overlooked please note this on the Comments table. In the absence of evidence, recommendations were made after debate by the Guideline Development Group (GDG) and we would welcome your views on these.

Draft Full Guideline

To develop the guideline have searched and reviewed the evidence available. The evidence reviews and the decisions made by the GDG which underpin the recommendations are detailed in the full document. The full guideline also contains the recommendations, please comment on them only once. Changes made to recommendations in either document will be reflected in the other. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THE SECTION ENTITLED 2015 REVIEWS. These sections have not been updated and there is not the time or the resources to update the references unless the recommendations are unsafe.

Draft Appendix 2021

This contains more detailed tables and supporting information.

Appendix 2015 – This is included for information, please do not comment on this document.

Comments table

Please put your name on the table and put all of your comments into this table noting page number and recommendation number. We do not have the resources to deal with comments received in any other format.

How to comment:
Please use document 5 the comments table for all your comments. For each comment put the page number in the first column and either the recommendation number, for the executive summary, or the line number in the second column. This is very important.

Page 1 is for comments on document 1 – the Executive Summary
Page 2 for comments on document 2 – the full guideline
Page 3 for comments on the Appendix

Please add extra lines and pages as needed.

The recommendations are in both document 1 or 2, please comment in one or the other, there is no need to comment in both.

We would be grateful if you would return the Comments table as soon as possible by 1st October at the latest to the Nancy Turnbull, the Project Manager, at om.guideline@gmail.com

We would like comments from a wide range of people with experience of this condition, as a patient/carer, support group or as a clinician, and would be grateful if you would forward this email to anyone who you think may be interested.

Please Note: In the interests of transparency, comments are not anonymous. Names will be published with the comments and the GDG response on the Melanoma Focus Website at the time of publication of the guideline. We will ask for declarations of interest from all reviewers.

Thank you for your interest and help. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the guideline.

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