Watch our BBC Lifeline Appeal starring Owain Wyn Evans and members of the melanoma community.

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Meet the wonderful people featured in our BBC Lifeline Appeal:


Lucy has been living with, and treated for, stage 4 (metastatic) melanoma for coming up to 10 years. Like many cancer patients, Lucy lives life between her 3-monthly scans and there is always the fear her current treatment could suddenly stop working. She keeps up to date with the knowledge of potential new treatments through  Melanoma Focus’ TrialFinder and the annual Melanoma Patient Conference.


Jen’s husband James was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer in 2019. Shocked and devastated, Jen and James both turned to the Melanoma Focus Helpline,finding it to be the best expert resource for caring, information and support when they needed it most. James sadly passed away in 2022. Jen believes that without the support and guidance of the Melanoma Focus Helpline James would have died a lot sooner. It gave them extra time with their new born baby and a chance to make lasting memories together.


Jess was diagnosed with melanoma in November 2018. As the mother of two small children, who “are my world”, her future with them was suddenly uncertain; “melanoma is like a bomb exploding in your world”. Determined to find credible resources to help her understand her altered landscape, she discovered the Melanoma Patient Conference founded by the wonderful Imogen Cheese, trustee of Melanoma Focus. Jess says “The conference is THE key date in my diary and the Melanoma Helpline is a lifeline to me”.

Dr Mark Harries:

Our chairman, Dr Mark Harries, consultant medical oncologist at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, featured in our BBC Lifeline Appeal talking about the research projects that we fund for patient benefit.