Mucosal Melanoma Guidelines

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Mucosal melanomas are rare, representing only about 1-2% of all melanomas. 55% of all primary mucosal melanomas occur in the head and neck region, with the nose and paranasal sinuses being the most common sites. Surgery at all stages frequently involves complex decisions about risk and benefit, and the value of adjuvant treatment – drug therapy or radiotherapy – is unclear. Medical treatment of advanced melanoma is evolving rapidly and its relevance to this group of patients requires clarification. There is no agreement about diagnostic imaging techniques or follow-up protocols. There is therefore a need for clinical guidance in this area.

As the principal UK melanoma charity, Melanoma Focus leads in the development of clinical guidelines for rare forms of melanoma. The initiative to produce the head & neck mucosal melanoma and ano-uro-genital mucosal guidelines follows the charity’s development of the Uveal Melanoma Guideline.

The AUG Guideline was completed in 2017, followed by the Head & Neck Guideline in 2020. Each was subject to an exhaustive consultation process involving a large number of organisations, healthcare professionals and patient representatives. Melanoma Focus is extremely grateful to the members of both Guideline Development Groups (GDGs) and to their Chairmen, respectively the late Professor Martin Gore CBE and Professor Kevin Harrington, for their generous donations of skill, time and effort.

Ano-uro-genital mucosal melanoma UK national guidelines published in European Journal of Cancer

Volume 135, August 2020, Pages 22-33: follow this link

Head & Neck Mucosal Melanoma Guideline

A GDG from the fields of surgery, medical oncology, clinical oncology, radiology, pathology and nursing, as well as patient and carer representatives, began work in mid-2018 to produce a national clinical guideline for head & neck mucosal melanoma. The group, led by Professor Kevin Harrington from The Institute of Cancer Research, with project management and methodological support provided by Mrs Nancy Turnbull, the Project Manager, and funding by Melanoma Focus, has now completed its work. The final documents have been posted here.

Update May 2020: A paper based on this guideline has been accepted for publication by The European Journal of Cancer.

Follow this link for a statement by Professor Harrington.

Ano-uro-genital Mucosal Melanoma Guideline

A GDG was formed in 2016 to produce UK clinical guidelines for ano-uro-genital mucosal melanoma on behalf of Melanoma Focus. The group consisted of clinicians specialising in medical & clinical oncology, surgery, gynaecology, radiology and histopathology, as well as a nurse and a patient representative. It was chaired by the late Professor Martin Gore CBE, with project management and methodological support provided by the Project Manager, Mrs Nancy Turnbull.

Follow this link for a statement by Professor Gore.

Visit the Head & Neck Mucosal Melanoma and AUG Mucosal Melanoma Resources Page for the Full Guidelines, Executive Summaries, Care Pathways and supporting material, as well as Information for Patients & Carers.

These Guidelines were developed in accordance with the Melanoma Focus Guideline Development Methodology Manual. The methods have been accredited by NICE as complying with their AGREE II criteria for the rigorous development of evidence-based guidelines.

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